The Alplaus Birdline

Many of the birds that have been spotted in Alplaus during the last several years are shown below. Have you seen one that isn't listed? Better yet have a great picture you'd like to share? Contact the Alplaus Birdline and we'll add it to the page.

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Bald Eagle Baltimore Oriole Barn Swallow Blue Jay Boat Tailed Grackle Brown Headed Cowbird Canada Goose Cardinal Carolina Wren Cat Bird Cedar Waxwing Chickadee Common Merganser Crow Dark Eyed Junco Downey Woodpecker Eastern Phoebe Evening Grosbeak Goldfinch Great Blue Heron Great Horned Owl Hairy Woodpecker House Finch House Wren Mallard Mourning Dove Northern Mockingbird Pileated Woodpecker Pine Grosbeak Redbellied Woodpecker Redbreasted Nuthatch Red-tailed Hawk Red-winged Blackbird Robin Rosebreasted Grosbeak Ruby-throated Hummingbird Sharp-shinned Hawk Snowgoose Tree Sparrow Tree Swallow Tufted Titmouse Turkey Turkey Vulture White-breasted Nuthatch White-throated Sparrow Wood Thrush Yellow-crowned Kinglet Yellow Warbler